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Shipping costs have always been a problem however with new routes and international hubs thanks to our shipping partners DSV and UPS International we can now deliver our products anywhere at rocket high speed including the Middle and Far East.  

We have been around a while so hopefully we can bring you all the stuff you are looking for at prices from home like we have done for years here (We have access to over 40,000 products from our suppliers even own branded catering range!! up to 35% cheaper than branded) We buy in bulk and pass all discounts on to you.

We have Barrys and Lyons, Jacobs and Bolands, Tayto and Walkers... Club Orange, Rock Shandy, Lucozade.... and all the Chocolate you can dream of... The lot.....

Check out our product case prices usually in 24s,48s or Tayto in 60s great value....(Recommended to everyone to reduce cost) No problem with pallets or even truck loads if required (We cater for everyone from major hotel chains and supermarkets to independent distributors and of course the folks that just want to buy for themselves and friends. 

Keep in mind shipping is the expensive side of things so share with your friends and bring the cost down, get together and make bulk orders and obviously get a better price.


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